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good morning. breaking news overnight. israel carries out an air strike against syria as president obama puts his foot down on the question of sending u.s. ground troops there. raging wildfire. that massive blaze in southern california nearly triples in size but will favorable weather conditions today finally help firefighters gain the upper hand? we're live on the scene. dramatic shootout. newly released dash cam video shows bullets flying as police officers come under heavy fire during a routine traffic stop. they survive and they're being hailed as heros today, saturday, may 4th, 2013. saturday, may 4th, 2013.
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>> good saturday morning, everybody. welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. u.s. and israeli officials this morning being pretty tight-lipped about that attack on syria. but there are reports that targeted a shipment of missiles headed to the militant group hezbollah. we are live in the region with the very latest. new information emerging about the boston bombing. homeland security officials facing more questions about whether the agency bungled the case of one of the accused bomber's roommates and looking into whether tamerlan tsarnaev's widow knew in advance about the plot. >> many questions there. it's now been four months -- i knew it was a long time -- four months of headline grabbing sensational testimony all around the question of whether jodi arias is a cold blooded killer or a battered woman who snapped. that is now up to a jury to decide. we'll get some expert legal
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analysis about what to expect. >> been a long, long, trial. get your mint juleps ready and put on your fancy duds. dylan is live in churchill downs. loving that hat there. >> dylan, it's gorgeous. >> just hours before the kentucky derby. that's cool. >> i love it. she'll have a preview for us. also great stories that are coming out of the derby this year including the female jockey who is hoping to race her way into the history books today. >> that would be a cool story. we want to begin this morning with breaking news. an israeli air strike in syria. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in turkey near the syrian border. richard, what can you tell us? >> reporter: officials are being quite tight lipped about this. nbc news has confirmed that the israeli air strike did take place early on friday. an israeli official is quoted as saying a shipment of sophisticated ground-to-ground long-range missiles was the
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target that they were bound from syria to the lebanese militia group hezbollah. israel said before that a red line for it would be any shipments of chemical weapons or game changing weapons leaving syria for hezbollah and this is in fact the second time that israel has done this kind of thing. the last time israel attacked another weapons shipment from hezbollah was in january. >> the u.s. has been weighing its own options for dealing with the crisis. on friday the president said u.s. troops on the ground in syria, that option he says is unlikely. let's hear what he had to say. >> i do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground in syria, american boots on the ground in syria would not only be good for america but also would be good for syria. >> richard, no boots on the ground says the president. what about air strikes like
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israel? what about arming the rebel groups? what are the u.s. military options? >> reporter: the main military option that rebels here want to see is a no-fly zone. they think that there should be a no-fly zone over the entire country for at least two safe havens, one in the north and one in the south and that could be carried out probably from here in turkey, from nato air bases. it would involve several days of air strikes and constant military patrolling. that is the maximum option. a more minimal option would be something like covert action against the leadership of bashar al assad and the political option which seems -- well, it's not a violent option, seems to be the preferred option by u.s. officials, but so far in the last two years that political option hasn't been working. >> all right. richard engel along the turkey/syrian border. thank you. turning to massive wildfires in southern california. the biggest one tripled in size at this point but help could be on the way from mother nature.
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we go to california now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. overnight firefighters intensified ground operations just south of where we are here. they are trying to keep the fires that have spread to more than 28,000 acres over the past two days, they're trying to contain them. right now officials say they're at about 20% containment. now, last night -- late last night, they had to suspend air operations because of nighttime visibility. they are hoping in the coming hours as daylight here breaks, they'll be able to get aircraft back up in the air to try to suppress the flames including two c-130 airplanes that carry 12,000 gallons of water or flame retardant. that's what they are fighting against. a fire that has really surprised many people here and with the winds has actually blown in many different directions. that's one of the biggest challenge. about 4,000 homes threatened.
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15 damaged. miraculously, though, no one has been injured so far in the past 48 hours. to give you a sense of how big this fire has spread across ventura county, an image has been released where you can actually see the large clouds of smoke from space. that really gives you a sense of how big this fire is. as you mentioned, officials here ar you mentioned, officials here are hoping to get a lucky break in the coming hours perhaps with the weather. they are expecting in the next 48 hours a rise in humidity, cooler temperatures, and more importantly perhaps some rain showers that can help put an end to this fire that's now spread for the past two days. erica? >> that would be well received. thanks. dylan dreyer is also tracking the weather of course. >> she's down at churchill downs getting ready for today's kentucky derby. hey, dylan. >> good morning. we will have more on fashions and horses here at the kentucky derby. first things first. the weather. where the fires are occurring.
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the good news is things are improving especially out in california. we need that onshore flow and you can see as winds come onshore that will lower the temperature, increase the humidity. it's the total opposite of those dry, santa ana winds. we are going to see that continue through the day today and into tomorrow. so instead of being real warm, l.a. should top out in the 70s. the fog indicates that there is more moisture coming in off the ocean. that should certainly help with the fire conditions out that way. it looks like that should linger through this weekend. we'll see some improvements. of course we'll have to track rain in our area. we'll have much more on that here at the kentucky derby in just a few minutes. lester? >> all right. thanks very much. we'll turn to the latest on the investigation into the boston marathon bombings. new details emerging about the cause of death of one of the accused bombers and federal authorities once again facing some tough questions surrounding the case. our national investigative correspondent michael isikoff is in our washington, d.c. bureau
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for us. michael, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. tamerlan tsarnaev, the alleged instigator of the bombings whose body is being prepared for burial died from gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. one of dzhokhar tsarnaev's friends were allowed into the country when he didn't have a valid visa. authorities searched neighborhoods near the university of massachusetts dartmouth campus on friday looking for evidence that tsarnaev may have tested explosives before the bombings as more evidence emerges about bungling prior to the attack. federal officials admit that one of the accused bomber's friends, azamat tazhayakov entered the country in january on an expired student visa. he's one of three students charged with conspireing to
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obstruct justice in the case. homeland officials say they failed to share information with their own airport inspectors that tazhayakov's visa was no longer valid. >> this investigation now after the fact has really just begun. >> reporter: a criminal complaint says that tsarnaev told his friends he knew how to make a bomb a month before the attack. the three friends recognized the resemblance to tsarnaev as the fbi released photos on april 18th. instead of calling police, they went to his dorm room and removed a backpack with fireworks and laptop computer according to the complaint. >> if somebody tells you they know how to make bombs and a month later there's horrific bombings in the city and there are pictures put up by authorities as possible bombers, then you know. >> reporter: tazhayakov's lawyer denies his client hid anything from the fbi. >> he's created fully with the authorities and looks forward to the truth coming out in this
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case. >> reporter: meanwhile, federal investigators are also asking more questions about tamerlan tsarnaev's widow. material from an al qaeda magazine was found on her computer. officials stress they don't know who downloaded that material on russell's computer and acknowledge it could have been done by her husband or someone else. russell's lawyer says she had no involvement in the bombing and was shocked when she learned of i it. lester? >> michael, thanks. the national rifle association's annual convention is getting under way for a second day in houston. there is much talk about the group's opposition to gun control measures which was of course a push for in the wake of the newtown school shootings. gabe gutierrez joins us now. >> reporter: the nra's recent victory in congress over the expanded background checks energized this convention. meanwhile, the group's opponents promise to keep fighting.
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today thousands more nra members are expected to pack houston's convention center. >> it's the second amendment and needs all the support it can get right now. >> reporter: the offenicial meeting of members tonight and a rally highlighted by glenn beck. a day after fellow conservatives like sarah palin and rick santorum took the stage. >> this is a fight for the future of freedom. >> this is a critical time in american history. >> reporter: following the mass shootings in newtown and aurora, the nra critics had momentum until a bill aimed at expanding background checks for gun sales failed two weeks ago in the senate. >> we will never back away from our resolve to defend our rights and the rights of all law abiding american gun owners. >> reporter: gun control advocates are renewing their push. >> i'm an nra member and believe in sensible gun laws. >> this new ad is airing in
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houston paid for by michael bloomberg. relatives of newtown victims are also here. neil lost his 6-year-old son in the massacre. >> i wish for a moment they could be in my place to see what i'm going through. >> reporter: back on the convention floor -- >> i pray for them. >> reporter: larry says he sympathizes with victims of violence but thinks more gun control is not the answer. >> you cannot legislate something to handle somebody that is mentally deranged. >> reporter: the convention is scheduled to run through sunday and tomorrow musician ted nugent is scheduled to speak. >> gabe, thanks. dawn was the principal at the newtown elementary school. she was killed along with others. she's there hoping to meet with
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leaders of national rifle association. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> you have said that in coming down there your goal is to have a conversation with members of the nra who are there at this convention. what will you say to them? >> i am really just looking to get questions answered. i know that 74% of nra members support extended background checks with a huge push coming down from leadership is the exact opposite of that. so my goal is to figure out where the differences are between leadership and its members. >> what do you expect to hear? >> i honestly don't know. i am anxiously awaiting those answers. from what i heard from the media being inside of the convention yesterday, it does sound like leadership is giving a real hard push saying background checks wouldn't have changed sandy hook. no one knows that. they say mental health is a big issue which no one is disagreeing with.
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that's not exactly what's being discussed right now. i'm trying to get focus back to background checks where it belongs. >> there's been a great deal of sympathy for your loss and for other families that lost someone at sandy hook across the country. you have worked tirelessly with a number of those families. spent a lot of time in washington talking to lawmakers. you've also been accused of being used as a prop. is there anything that you think could you have done differently to change the outcome in washington? >> my one regret is that i didn't start earlier. it's comical that i've been called a prop. i am absolutely here because i want to be and because it's the right thing to do and not because i'm being used as a prop by any means. >> so you disagree strongly with that language. realistically, what do you expect to change. if you couldn't get those things changed in washington with public support that you saw, what do you expect in terms of a change that will come from members of the nra? >> i'm hoping that -- i know
5:45 am
there are a few senators that are saying they are willing to work on some kind of compromise and adjust the language that was in the proposal so i'm hoping to figure out what it was they were looking to change, what the small piece of it was that they didn't agree with so that the next time it does come up to vote that it will pass. >> we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you. time for a check of some of the morning's other top stories from jenna wolfe. >> good morning, everyone. we begin overseas where remains of two bodies have been found after a u.s. military plane crashed on the way to afghanistan on friday. officials say they are still looking for a third person who was onboard. the plane exploded in mid air when its cargo fuel ignited. so back here at home there are new guidelines this morning when it comes to men's health specifically screening for prostate cancer. a confusing issue and the americ association is saying men under
5:46 am
55 do not need routine testing and for many between the ages of 55 and 70, they recommend a discussion with their doctors weighing harms and benefits of the test. dynamic dash cam videos being released after a traffic stop turned into a shootout in ohio. so police say the driver was pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop but before the police officers could get out of the car, the driver started shooting. the two officers were injured but they were able to return fire killing the driver. police say they found a bunch of other weapons inside the man's car. if i told you that i could get you a flight from l.a. to new york with only four layovers, how fast would you stop being my best friend? but if i told you it was the first solar plane to do it, suddenly it's cool. solar impulse landed in phoenix early this morning after taking off on friday from san francisco. it's powered only by the sun. that's how it got its name, solar plane and cruises the
5:47 am
30,000 feet. >> clever. >> i made that one up when i was thinking. 30,000 feet. 45 miles an hour. the plane has three more stops before finally ending its journey here in new york. just to recap. west coast to east coast, four layovers. >> and a really smart name. >> i hope you get a lot of miles with that one. based on the tweets i read from west coasters when i woke up this morning, last night's rolling stones concert was a blazing ke ining success provin on their side. kicking off the 50 and over tour in los angeles. this tour marking 50 years in the music business. last time the stones toured big like this, brace yourself, six years ago. i didn't think that was long ago but i guess if you're a huge stones fans, it's like stone
5:48 am
deprivation. >> how old are they now? >> i don't know. awesome. that worked out well. >> i like their music. i don't know. >> coming up at 7:30. go. quickly. >> back down to churchill downs now where dylan has the rest of the nation's weather forecast along with mick jagger's age. >> i'm missing awkward moments. i haven't been with you guys in the studio for a couple weekends now. i am down at churchill downs. this is the 139th run for the roses and it looks like they are expecting more than 160,000 fashionable fans to fill the stands here in louisville for the race that kicks off at 6:24. that's post time for the horses later on this evening. of course the weather plays a huge role in who everyone will be betting on. as we take a look at some of the
5:49 am
strange weather that's been happening across the country this spring, we're also talking about the snow that has occurred record breaking snow from wisconsin right down into northwestern arkansas and also into northeast oklahoma as well. we are focused on the rain and today it looks like the heaviest of the rain is just to our west. you can see where louisville is on the map there. pouring in nashville and parts of western kentucky. we're going to see some showers today. they should hold off for several more hours perhaps late morning into early this afternoon. it doesn't look like we're going to see that much rain. it should be enough for the track to handle that it shouldn't be a real sloppy race later this evening. we'll get a few hours, about four hours or so early this afternoon for off and on rain showers. a tenth of an inch of rain. temperatures lower 60s but fall into the 50s b >> the weather around the bay area today, the last of our warm days, but not as hot as the past
5:50 am
few days. inland temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. low 70s across san francisco with low clouds at the coastline. a red flag warning up in the north bay hills through 3:00 this afternoon. tomorrow, notice the big temperature drop. we may even see a few rain drops. isolated showers become a possibility for the start of next week with those cool temperatures for the rest of the seven-day forecast. >> and it was a huge decision on which hat to wear. mine happens to be a fascinator. it's got hand painted silk flowers and goose feathers and my inspiration was that i wasn't sure how well it went for jenna a couple years ago so i thought it might be best to go with the fascinator and stay away from the large brimmed hat. jenna, you look fantastic. you just don't look happy. >> i got a choice to wear a fascinator also but if i'm going, i'm going all of the way. i wore the biggest, weirdest hat
5:51 am
i could find and it didn't work for me. >> you wore it well. >> i'm not sure i did but thank you. >> before we go further, 69 years old for mick jagger. we will check the rest of the band later on. one of the most difficult challenges for military members they face spending long months away from their loved ones. this past week the aircraft carrier made an unforgettable journey from pearl harbor to san diego. it was the navy's take on bring your child to work day. ♪ >> reporter: somewhere in the pacific, carrier is on the move. on the final leg home, the mission has taken on new meaning. >> it means a lot because i get to see my dad again. >> reporter: it's called the tiger cruise. for six days and five nights, more than 1,100 family members
5:52 am
and friends join the crew returning from the persian gulf. >> they haven't seen me in eight months. it's a great experience to have them here. >> reporter: tigers live alongside their loved ones experiencing life and duties out at sea. >> this is the ultimate take your kid to work day. >> reporter: the lieutenant is the ship's gunner. he invited his cousin, michael, 9-year-old daughter, samantha, and 11-year-old son michael, jr. it's their first chance to see what dad does. >> it's awesome just staying here. he gets to work here. he gets paid to do this stuff. >> reporter: for the lieutenant, it's the quality time with his children he's been missing. >> they took mine and i took mine on the ground. i put them to bed and i haven't done that in months. >> reporter: it cost 165 bucks to cover the basics. grandparents are welcome. >> granddad is a world war ii
5:53 am
vet. it's awesome to have him onboard the ship. >> this is fabulous. making me want to reenlist in the service. >> there's entertainment and rescue drills. tigers see what the navy does. >> going to break the sound barrier. boom. >> they feel the ship. they feel the life on the ship and feel the roar of the jets. smell the jet fuel. all sights and sounds that make this carrier work. >> reporter: manning the rails as they reach port, homecomings are sweet. families together again after the cruise of a lifetime in the open sea. >> great story. still to come on "today," the sensational jodi arias case goes to the jury. which way are they leaning? look at 'em.
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>> look out for good morning to you. looking live at a beautiful blue start in san francisco. you might notice a temperature change. it's going to get more drastic. thanks for joining us. a look at a forecast that is
5:57 am
going to be maybe not as warm as you might expect for sinco dimaio. >> things are changing up rapidly this weekend. we've got near 60 in sunny vail. not much wind at least closer to sea level. in the north bay, we see gusty winds through 3:00. so hilltop locations, maran, sono sonoma, napa county, the red flag warning. we'll see higñs today in the mid to upper 80s inland. 70s back towards san francisco. but tomorrow, everybody's going to cool off at least 10 to 15 degrees. and we could get a chance at some isolated showers. as a low pressure system moves towards us. it's going to bring some cools. actually some unsettled weather. spring showers back in the forecast first half of the week. >> certainly could use the rain. we're glad to hear about it. thanks, rob. this morning, fire investigators will be back at the scene of a brushfire that started near east ridge mall in san jose last night. it was just about after 6:00 last night that the fire started.
5:58 am
it burned 30 acres of tall weeds and brush before firefighters put it out. firefighters went toe-to-toe with those flames on the ground. they also had support from the air as well. at one point, nearby homes and a park playground were in danger. neighbors admitted being worried about this early start to the fire season. >> i mean, it's pretty scary. just to think, you know, i live really close by and, you know, just to think that, you know, something bigger can happen later. >> firefighters say although this blaze was small, they are concerned about all of that dry brush in the area. and the surrounding foothills. no homes were damaged. no one was hurt. >> happening right now, fire crews in southern california are hoping cooler weather will help them gain the upper hand on this massive wildfire that is burning out of control in ventura county. so far, high temperatures and strong winds have been fueling that so-called springs fire which has charred 43 square miles and is only about 20% contained at this point. the fire has damaged at least 15
5:59 am
homes and 4,000 more are still threatened. about 1,000 firefighters from all over the state, including the bay area, are now fighting that fire. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," a health warning to customers who eat at a popular cafe in san francisco. n ordnordstrom cafe worker is saying after possible exposure. now, here's the "today" show.
6:00 am
there's your alarm clock this morning. we're back on this saturday morning, the 4th day of may, 2013. you're looking at a live picture from churchill downs where in just a few hours the 139th kentucky derby gets under way. back here in new york, plenty of people out there in the crowd may be watching a little bit later. we are happy to see they are starting their morning right here with us. inside studio 1-a, i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. three jockeys this year going for a big win but also a chance to make history later today including one that could be the first female jockey to win the running of the roses. we'll fill you in on those fun
6:01 am
tidbits in just a moment. a couple a-listers are out this morning. we'll find out what is bringing them together and out at this early hour in just a few minutes. good to see you. looking forward to talking to you. a bit later, just how far would you go for a raise at work? >> this one time -- never mind. >> keep it clean, holt. keep it clean. we'll show you how some employees are taking corporate branding to a new level. >> we go there actually. we will. okay. then we'll head out to the plaza to learn how to spruce up your garden with colorful flowers with one simple project. we want to begin this half hour with today's kentucky derby. the run for the roses always filled with pomp and pageantry. this year it may also be filled with history. kristen dahlgren is live at churchill downs. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, lester. morning workouts under way here at churchill downs.
6:02 am
this is it and talk about a field of dreams, three jockeys could make history here in just a few hours. rosie napravnik has a big goal. she could become the first woman to win the kentucky derby. >> she's told stories about not being welcome at the track by fellow riders and trainers and owners so she's trying to bust through barriers. >> reporter: being the first woman isn't as important as being first. jenna wolfe talked to napravnik in 2011. >> are you a jockey or a female jockey? >> i'm both. i rather be compared to jockeys as a whole. >> reporter: there could be the first african-american to take a top stop at the derby.
6:03 am
>> it's been 111 years since we saw a black jockey win the derby. it's a big deal. it would be great and exciting for the sport. >> reporter: winning for either is no sure thing. especially with hall of famer gary stevens back in the saddle. he won three derbies before retiring in 2005. >> i figured out within the first week that i rode that the killer instincts is definitely still there. >> reporter: during retirement, stevens worked as a commentator for nbc and did some acting. >> kind of small, isn't he? >> reporter: he missed the thrill of the race. can he win again at 50? bob costas asked stevens, the analyst, about stevens, the jockey. >> looks better than he did in 2005. he's taking races apart as they are happening and making split second decisions and he shouldn't be able to do this at age 50 when he couldn't do it at age 43. >> reporter: so those three trying to make history but
6:04 am
remember there are 17 more also trying to get their names in the record books and some 160,000 fans in their finest expected out here to watch. >> you're in your finest there too. i like the fascinator. very nice. >> reporter: thank you very much. nowhere else can you get away with this. >> you are definitely pulling it off. we saw the three jockeys that kristen introduced us to hoping to be the first down the stretch at the kentucky derby. who is the most likely to actually do it? dylan is at churchill downs with more on the handicapping of the race. dylan, good morning again. >> good morning. we talk about the fashion and mint juleps but we have to talk about the horses. i'm joined by donna brothers. you're a sports racing analyst and former jockey. you know your horses. your favorite is orb, why is that? >> i like orb on a fast track.
6:05 am
if you don't go with water, i'm going to go with revolutionary. if it's a sloppy track and a ton of water and i'll go all of the way to the outside and take by ja vyjack out of the 20th post. >> once the showers start later on today, we could get quite a bit of rain. how much water can it handle? >> a tenth of an inch will not affect this racetrack. they can seal the racetrack to where the water flows right off of it. if we get three hours of just a steady drizzle, we call that a soaker, it will definitely affect the racetrack and make it muddy. it's up to you. >> with a tenth of an inch of rain you would go with revolutionary or stick with orb. >> those are going to be my top two with a tenth of an inch of
6:06 am
rain. how's that? >> i'm trying to write down what i am going to bet after the show. >> i'm trying not to waffle too much. i can't help it with the forecast. >> we'll have your coverage today on nbc sports at 11:00 this morning is when it starts. it kicks off at 4:00 on nbc. the rain for later on today is wishy washy. it's that kind of forecast. we aren't looking for it to start until 11:00 but it should be off and on lighter showers across the area today. we are going to see about a tenth of an inch of rain. there's louisville and to the west of that is where the heaviest of the rain is that will make for sloppy conditions and that should stay mostly to our west throughout most of the morning and into early this afternoon. >> we can certainly use that rain in the north bay today where we've got a red flag warning up for the higher hills of maran, napa, counties off to the north as well. that will be until 3:00 this afternoon. our temperatures today, one more
6:07 am
day inland, around noon, you'll notice mid to upper 80s. maybe briefly close to 90 out by fairfield. 70s back towards san francisco. cooling as the sea breeze picks up this evening. pronounced cooling to wzap up the weekend. isolated showers early into the new week. >> that is your latest forecast from churchill downs. we'll have much more coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> looking forward to it. we know you're just the messenger with the forecast. i'm not blaming you for anything. >> thank you for that. >> up next, flower power. we're moving to different flowers helping you to transform your ordinary planter into beautiful vertical garden right after this. ♪
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6:12 am
>> good to see you too. >> a green thumb but also a little mechanical ability you need here. >> same thing from an experienced gardener to a budding young gardener. >> what kind of materials? >> we're going to make a flower tower. we're going to start out with metal fencing, comes in roll, and you can cut it to just about any size. >> it comes in this shape already. >> you just pull the roll apart and you can cut wit some snips like this. make sure you wear some gloves because they're sharp. but the trick here is to get a pot that's fairly large, about a 13 1/2-inch pot and you'll roll into this into a roll that will fit about three-quarters of the way into the pot. you want to make sure when you cut it you have a little overlap. i don't know if you can see that. because you'll connect it here with these -- this is so easy. you'll use nies little zip ties to connect it. literally you're wrapping them around and zipping them together and you don't have to use any fancy fasteners. >> how we're going to get dirt
6:13 am
in there. that involves this material. >> landscape fabric that you lay down to keep the weeds from popping up in your walkways. you'll cut this fabric to a size that will wrap around the inside of your tower. pretty simple. once you do that, you place it inside of the metal and overlap it. you can see i've got a couple inches of overlap. then you use the same zip ties. >> ties again. >> cut a hole in and wrap the zip ties around. that's going to secure this so that the seam doesn't open up and the dirt doesn't get out of here. >> speaking of dirt, what kind of soil do you like to use? >> we're going to use a potting mix, a moisture control mix, and the cool thing about that is it holds onto moisture so that the plants in there get more out of the watt they're yer that you p. we have to put the dirt in. what we're going to do is put that in a layer at a time so, you start adding it in. once you get a good layer in, you're going to watt they're down. that will help compress the soil and keep it moist so it doesn't all sin tok the bottom. >> you get petunias here and you
6:14 am
plant them as you would anything. >> this is really cool. you can see the structure we have now. you're going to take a knife and hit about every other one of these panels, just cut a little x out of it like this, okay? and then grab yourself a petunia like that and you're just going to make a little cavity, right. >> and leave room for them to grow or fill it all in? >> depending on what you plant, and you can have some fun with this, this is great for kids, too, because they can help pick colors and plant. but give it a little time to root and fill in and it's going to become a nice lovely flower tower. isn't this beautiful? >> all right. dave, thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> great to have you on. >> still to come on "today," after four month ls of testimony, the jury in the jodi arias murder trial prepares to decide her fate. we'll tell you about that. and new take on company loyalty. wait till you see what employees of one company are doing to earn
6:15 am
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this morning, 20,000 people are expected to gather not too far away from here in times square here to participate in the 16th annual entertainment industry foundation revlon run/walk for women. it's a 5k event that raises money for cancer awareness and outreach programs. joining us this morning, the walk co-hosts who are at the starting line. nice to have you both with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> i know like for so many americans cancer is a cause that's near and dear, very dear to both of you. emma, your mom as i understand it is breast cancer survivor and
6:19 am
will be here along with some other friends and family with you today. what's it like for all of you to be able to participate and do this together? >> it's unbelievable. the energy of this run/walk is unlike anything i've ever experienced. everyone is here for the same cause and to find a cure. we have a group of 32 people walking on our team and it's probably going to be insane. >> i imagine there's a lot of laughter and cheering and maybe even a few tears that are shed. olivia, you are walking with a friend who is cancer survivor. when you are able to bring this home and make it so personal for people, how do you think that helps them get a better sense of the impact something like this can have? >> we can't help but be affected by cancer. there's one in three women who will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime and one in two men. this run/walk is a way to participate in the movement to end these cancers. i really think it's an
6:20 am
opportunistic event, a positive approach. everyone here is proud to be a part of it. i think whether you are a survivor or a family or friend of one, this is a really moving experience. >> emma, you talked about the energy down there. i imagine it's already building even at this early hour. have you seen in your participation in events like this that energy continue afterwards? >> absolutely. eif and revlon alone have donated millions and millions of dollars to cancer research. there's constantly new movements like facebook or tweeting or different opportunities to get involved with this organization. way past the run/walk all year long there's a lot of events. >> great to see you. have a great time today. we should warn you that a few of our weekend "today" staffers will be joining you as well. everyone uniting for great cause this morning. thanks so much. still ahead this morning, a
6:21 am
lot of folks are hoping the weather will give firefighters a break in california today. we'll have an update on the massive wildfires. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there. i knew devry university would give me the skills that i needed to make one of those tech jobs mine. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems, networking and communications management -- the things that our students need to know in the world today. our country needs more college grads to help fill all the open technology jobs. to help meet that need, here at devry university, we're offering 4 million dollars in tech scholarships for qualified new students. learn more at
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6:26 am
bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. good saturday morning. looking live at a little bit of peek sunrise there. it is very hot. it will be windy in some spots. well, it will be hot later, maybe not right this second. thanks for joining us. some fire danger for today, but
6:27 am
maybe it gets better tomorrow. >> yeah, by tomorrow we're going to see a different weather pattern. today, we have dry winds in the north bay. sonoma county, napa county and maran counties. the hilltops. through 3:00. red flag warning for today. notice temperatures along the coast. 60s and 70s inland. as early as 1:00. getting close to 90 out by fairfield. napa looking warm. san jose, mid-80s today. mid-70s around san francisco before the sea breeze cools us off. tomorrow, no worries about fire danger. we could have a chance of some drizzle at times for the morning and isolated hilltop showers on the increase monday into tuesday. much cooler weather here to ramp up the weekend. >> thank you very much, rob. new this morning, a solar powered plane making an historic trip across the country safely landed in phoenix this morning without using a drop of fuel. the impulse touched down around 12:30 this morning. that plane, which has a wingspan of a jumbo jet but the weight of
6:28 am
a typical car, took off around 6:00 yesterday morning. the solar impulse only goes about 40 miles an hour so the journey across the u.s. will be done in five leg. it should arrive in new york in early july. imagine looking at that out the window. this morning, fire investigators will be back at the scene of a brushfire that started near east ridge mall in san jose last night. it started shortly after 6:00 and burned nearly 30 acres of tall weeds and brush before firefighters put it out. firefighters went toe-to-toe with those flames on the ground and also had support from the air. at one point, nearby homes and a park playground were in danger. neighbors say they admit they're worried about this early fire season. >> i mean, it's pretty scary. just to think, you know, i live really close by and just to think that, you know, something bigger can happen later. >> firefighters say although this blaze was small, they are concerned about the amount of dry brush in the area and the surrounding foothills. no homes were damaged. no one was hurt.
6:29 am
coming up this morning on "today in the bay," our coverage of the massive spring fire continues. more than 1,000 firefighters from across the state are in southern california right now helping to battle that blaze which has already charred 30,000 acres. we'll show you why crews are now being looking to the weather for some help. those stories and the rest of the day's news coming up at 7:00. right now, here's more of the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. it's saturday, may 4th, 2013. here's a look at today's top stories. israel carries out an air strike against syria as president obama puts his foot down over the question of sending u.s. ground troops there. catching a break. help in the form of cooler, damper weather may be on the way for firefighters in southern california battling a raging wildfire as thousands of residents are forced to evacuate their homes. deciding her fate. jurors in the jodi arias trial begin sorting through evidence as they consider if she planned to kill her ex-boyfriend and whether it was an accident of self-defense or rage. i'm lester holt alongside erica hill. great to have you here. the jodi arias trial has been going on a long time.
6:31 am
she was on the stand for weeks. >> people are truly captivated by it. it's the kind of stuff you can't turn away from because it seems so unbelievable. >> jury started for a couple hours yesterday but they'll get back to it in earnest on monday. a lot of people put in long hours on the job. others kiss up to the boss if they want to advance at the company. luckily no one at this show does that. >> where are you going with this? >> there are unusual lengths that employees go to to maybe get a raise and move ahead. there's a real estate firm in new york that has an interesting proposal for some employees to earn extra money that had us intrigued. we'll share more of that with you. we'll keep you guessing until then. >> we'll head back to churchill downs to check in with dylan for a preview of today's kentucky derby forecast. we begin this morning with that breaking news. an israeli air strike in syria. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in turkey near the syrian border. what's the latest from there?
6:32 am
>> reporter: nbc news confirmed that israeli air strike did take place early on friday and israeli officials said that the target was a weapons shipment that was headed out of syria bound for hezbollah. hezbollah is a militant group based in lebanon and israel has said in the past that it considers a red line any shipment of chemical weapons or sophisticated game changing weaponry is language that israel used leaving syria heading for hezbollah. this is the second time that israel has done this. in january, there was another israeli strike. that time also weapons that were leaving syria on their way to hezbollah. >> richard, this is putting a lot of questions to the white house about how far the u.s. will go and what kind of intervention it may consider. the president seemed to rule out the notion of ground troops. let me play what he had to say and then we'll follow-up. >> reporter: i do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the
6:33 am
ground in syria, american boots on the ground in syria would be good for america and good for syria. >> when he talked about not putting boots on the ground, there are political considerations. is it a matter of it not being practical in this kind of a fight? >> reporter: no one would like to see american troops on the ground. it's very likely that if american soldiers, marines, entered syria right now, they would be attacked by the opposition forces. the opposition in syria, the rebels, they want to liberate their own country. what they would like to see is american help. a no-fly zone. they would like to see more american weapons put in their hands. they say that will help them not only topple bashar al assad but do it without allowing the situation on the ground to become more chaotic and it will give them an ability to defend themselves. there have been massacres on a
6:34 am
weekly basis. one just a couple days ago in which dozens of people were killed with knives and blunt instruments and syrian opposition says they need to be able to protect themselves and fight but they don't need americans to do it for them. >> richard engel in turkey this morning for us. thank you. we want to turn to massive wildfires in southern california. biggest one nearly tripled in size but help could be on the way from mother nature. we go to camarillo, california, this morning for more. >> reporter: for a third straight day firefighters are bracing themselves for another long day of fighting this blaze that's now destroyed more than 28,000 acres in ventura county. it's one of several fires that officials are trying to fight against all across the state of california. this one here they've only said in the past 24 hours that they've been able to contain it for up to 20%. they call it a monster.
6:35 am
the spring fire stretching over almost 30,000 acres and firefighters in southern california are at the mercy of shifting winds and tough conditions. >> very difficult area to get containment in that area. >> reporter: 4,000 homes are threatened and many residents are told they should get out for their safety. >> pictures, laptops, that's all we can take. >> reporter: that's one of the most dramatic looks at this fire we have seen. >> reporter: the fire stretches from mountains of santa monica to the pacific ocean leaving a plume of smoke so big it can easily be seen from space. firefighters have been busy as many as a half dozen smaller fires have popped up around the state like this one in san jose and in glendale, highways were shut down to battle another blaze. >> winds kicked up and blew the embers across the freeway. >> reporter: california doesn't usually see fire conditions like this until the fall. firefighters hope to have the biggest fire under control today but it has fooled them before. >> it feels sometimes like
6:36 am
you're always behind. just about the time you get caught up, fire is getting ahead of you and that's always a challenge. >> reporter: firefighters may get a little help from mother nature in the next 48 hours. they are saying that cooler temperatures, a rise in humidity and more importantly perhaps some rain showers could help tilt the balance of this fight in their favor in suppressing this blaze. erica? >> keep our fingers crossed for that. thanks. dylan dreyer is tracking the weather in southern california and stormy conditions across the country. she's at churchill downs for us this morning. dylan, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we do have a lot for you here at churchill downs in louisville, kentucky, but all eyes are on the weather and how it will actually improve across southern california. we've had those santa ana winds. those are those offshore winds that bring in the dry air, the heat. look at how winds will change through the day today and into sunday as well. that onshore flow makes it a whole lot cooler. we should only be in the 70s
6:37 am
today as opposed to some of the really warm temperatures we have seen recently. notice how fog is going to develop along the coastline as well. that indicates that that moisture is coming in off the water and those are the conditions that will help firefighters the best. when you shut off santa ana winds, get that wind off the water and get more moisture in there as well. we do have a flood threat across parts of the tennessee river valley from nashville into western south carolina and into northern georgia as well. that's where the heaviest rain is going to fall today. notice where louisville is on that map. we are just to the west seeing the heaviest of the rain right across nashville. it looks like it will hold off and showers here should be light to moderate. especially late this morning into this afternoon. the heavy rain is certainly going to be down across the southeast. lester? >> dylan, thanks very much. we'll check back with you in a few moments. >> we'll check in with this morning's other top stories with jenna wolfe. >> good morning. we'll begin new details about the cause of death of one of the
6:38 am
suspects in the boston marathon bombing. a death certificate shows that tamerlan tsarnaev died from gunshot wounds and blunt trauma. meanwhile, there is new evidence of possible bureaucratic bungling before the attack. federal officials admit that one of the accused bomber's friends who was charged with conspireing to obstruct justice entered the country in january on an expired student visa. thousands of gun enthusiasts are in houston this morning for day two of the nra's annual convention. the group is energized by the nra's recent victory in congress over expanded background checks. even as gun control advocates renew their push. glenn beck is expected to rally the crowd tonight. sarah palin and rick santorum spoke on friday. so it will be at least another week before we know what will happen to sandy hook elementary, the site of last year's deadly school shooting. it's a highly sensitive issue and after hearing from teachers at the school, members of a task force, which was put together to decide if the school should reopen or the new one should be built in another location, they
6:39 am
say they need more time to make that decision and to consider other options as well. wall street closed out this week on a very high note thanks to a positive jobs report on friday. the dow topped 15,000 at one point. the first time it hit that benchmark and by the end of the day the dow and s&p closed at all-time highs. finally, love this story. sometimes all it takes is just one act of kindness to make a difference. for a little girl in virginia battling brain cancer, that played out like a fairy tale. 8-year-old cara is in the middle of a year-long round of chemo. she put on a gown and was driven in a carriage throughout her neighborhood and close to 1,000 people, most of which were complete strangers, showed up to line the streets all there just to cheer her on. beautiful story.
6:40 am
gave me chills. so nice to see so many people turning out. people don't even know her just there to help. >> one small act made her entire month. >> that's great. i love it. thanks. over to lester. >> thanks very much. on monday a jury in arizona will resume deliberating the fate of jodi arias. it comes after four months of often lurid testimony that included intimate details about arias' relationship with her ex-boyfriend. arias is charged with first-degree murder but she could be convicted on a lesser charge. lisa bloom is a "today" legal analyst. lisa, good morning. good morni good to see you. she was on the stand for 18 days. one of the issues is likability but her own lawyer says most of the time i don't like her. it's not about whether you like her or not. >> that was the most surprising thing in yesterday's defense closing arguments. nine out of ten days i don't like jodi arias.
6:41 am
as a trial attorney myself, i would never say that. i usually bond with my clients. you sit with them day after day. this is a self-defense case. her story is that travis alexander attacked me. i had to respond to defend myself. if that's true, why isn't she likable? >> then the prosecution says the evidence points to a premeditated act. she was trying to cover her tracks as she went back to commit the murder. the judge has given the jury several options here from murder to manslaughter. what's the strongest case the prosecution has? >> there are four choices for this jury as you say. murder 1 which is premeditated intentional killing. if they convict her of that, she could be subject to the death penalty. a second phase of a trial to determine that. murder 2 is intentional killing without premeditation. manslaughter would be in the heat of parssion they killed hi. and self-defense. no one thinks that will happen. if i had to speculate, murder 1
6:42 am
fits best with evidence at trial. >> self-defense up against the fact he was stabbed 27 times. throat was slashed. and he was shot. >> yes. >> that's a lot of self-defense. >> a lot of stabbing was stabbing in the back. stabbing in his back. that's hard to explain in a self-defense theory. she got away. she lied to the police. she told several different stories. she didn't have any significant injuries. >> more men than women on this jury, is that helpful to a female defendant, attractive female defendant. i don't want to say men are shallow. >> tell us how you feel. the conventional wisdom is that men are softer on female defendants and that female defendants in general are less likely to get convicted and if they are convicted, less likely to get the death penalty. this is a male victim. this is a story the prosecution tells of a woman who was stalking him and drove 1,000 miles to get him. he was afraid of her. he told his friends he was afraid of her. men may relate to that story and not be easy on her and
6:43 am
prosecutor in his closing argument said don't buy those tears. he was very hard on her for crying trying to undercut the sensitivity that men have for an attractive woman crying. >> thank you for joining us. let's head back to churchill downs where dylan is getting ready for what could be a very soggy kentucky derby. hey, dylan. >> reporter: before the derby ever happens, we hear this. ♪ >> does that not give you chills? the first saturday in may you know that is the sound of the call to post for the kentucky here's our hour by hour forecast. 70s popping up. another warm day. though we're going to start to see cooling, approaching the evening. as the sea breeze picks up.
6:44 am
mid-80s, san jose. and much cooler tomorrow. everyone in the bay area seeing highs in the 60s and 70s for sunday. a chance for some hilltop showers as well and coastal drizzle. that cool weather will follow us through the first half of next week. >> this might freak out the horses. i'm going to give it a try. one lesson. man, i give you a lot of credit. you've been doing this for 18 years. good for you. guys, i'm going to pass this back over here. >> i think you're onto something and the red coat. >> horses wouldn't know where to go. >> dylan, we'll let you stick to the weather. we'll let him do the bugling. thanks. how far would you go for a raise? that's a loaded question. so think about your answer before you say it out loud. just ahead, we'll introduce you to employees making a permanent change for a little extra money.
6:45 am
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you got mommy a mother's day present? oh, i totally agree. she is the best mommy ever. [ female announcer ] get this free bracelet or a charm at kay with any charmed memories purchase of one hundred dollars or more. ♪ every kiss begins with kay daisy is 100% pure with nothing else added. meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ employees at one company in new york are taking loyalty to a new level. >> putting a new spin on
6:48 am
corporate branding. >> reporter: they say 80% of success is showing up. well, what about showing up and getting inked up? that's what is going on inside the walls of rapid realty. they are giving new meaning to tit for tat. the owner is offer employees an unconventional incentive. get tattoo of the company logo and receive a 15% lifetime commission increase. i'll put it out there, i think this is crazy. >> it's nuts. people are interested in showing their loyalty to the company. we call it brand ambassadorship. >> reporter: they are branding themselves literally. stipulation? there are none. any size and anywhere and the boss flips the bill. >> it was introduced to me by a
6:49 am
top performing agent. i said 15% bonus on any closed deal. from that moment on it just spiraled off. >> reporter: you know this is forever, right? >> i know. >> reporter: it's literally part of me. how long have you been here for? >> six weeks. >> reporter: 44 of 1,100 employees have inked a deal. some for the love of the company. >> at the end of the day i love this organization. >> i'm doing it for the money. >> reporter: how much money are we talking? >> $6,000 every month in business. >> commission was 25 grand and then after they got the tattoo it was 40 grand. >> reporter: do you have tattoo? >> not yet. >> reporter: his company has a good retention rate. after this, i would sure hope so. >> i'm officially branded.
6:50 am
>> okay. you know where this is going? of course we did. >> if anyone will suck up for the company. i did an nbc tattoo. it's on my stomach. i went to a classy place. >> i went with the arm. arm. >> i went with the ankle. right there. >> perfect. >> a couple other places i offered to do it but i was told that we wouldn't do that. >> it's a family show, lester. for your nighttime job maybe. >> i said my leg but it was too hairy. >> sure it was. the crew got the tattoos. let us know whether you would do it. this is "today" on nbc. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
6:51 am
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>> you got to have a mint julep except for jenna who gets decaf
6:53 am
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good morning. coming up next, a health warning for customer, of a popular cafe in san francisco. what a nordstrom cafe is now saying after a food service worker there may have exposed hundreds of customers to typhoid fever. and catching a break. why firefighters are now hoping changes in the weather will help them gain the upper hand on this massive wildfire in california. deep to left field. that one is on its way. and good day, we'll see you tomorrow. >> how about that. an exciting night for sports fans. buster posey comes up big. the sharks taking a commanding series lead before heading home. we have all of the action coming
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good morning. a little bit of fog in the distance. a nice day today.

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